2.4 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Moroccan Tagine Pot with Ceramic Lid

Deal Score-1
Deal Score-1

Price: $59.99

COOKING WARE THAT LETS YOU DO MORE WITH LESS. Enamel cooking wares require minimal to no seasoning, the ceramic cover traps moisture for even steam distribution, and the cast iron base cooks meat and vegetables into a sumptuous brown finish. No need to fuss over the dish when you’re cooking equipment does its job well.EASY TO CLEAN, EASY TO CARE. The Zelancio Enameled Cast Iron Tagine Pot should be hand-washed. This easy-to-clean, easy-to-care system ensures it stays a long-time favorite in your kitchen.STOVE TO TABLE DESIGN. The aesthetic design and polished finish of the Zelancio Moroccan Pot easily transforms it into a food server. Serve hot or cold dishes in the tagine pot – its sleek structure and design will make an appealing display on your table.TEMPERATURE ADAPTABILITY EQUALS COOKING FLEXIBILITY. This Tagine can be used to cook dishes that require high-temperature settings or slow-cooking – making it a flexible and reliable cooking ware for different kinds of recipes. BEST MATERIALS FOR BEST-TASTING DISHES. From its enameled interior to its ceramic cone-shaped top and cast-iron base, the Zelancio Moroccan tagine pot is made with the best materials and reliable construction to make the most flavorful dishes.

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