Out-of-Control Chinese Rocket Draws Humorous Viral Hashtags Worldwide

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Rabat – Despite concerns regarding its unknown landing site, the world has used hashtags to share humor regarding the Chinese rocket.

Today, the BBC reported that debris from the Chinese rocket is expected to fall to Earth this weekend.

The US is monitoring the rocket but still has no plans as to when to shoot it down.

US Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, said on Thursday that his country is hopeful that the segment would land “hopefully in the ocean, or someplace like that” in a place where “it won’t harm anyone.”

Experts believe that the debris from the rocket might reach the Earth by late Saturday or early Sunday.

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Amid concerns and projections, social media users took to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, among other platforms to share sarcasm, humor, and funny memes regarding the rogue Chinese rocket.

“We are really confused about what to wait for between Laylat Al Qadr (night of destiny) crescent moon for Eid Al Fitr, or the Chinese rocket,” an Arab internet user wrote on Twitter, using a photo of two Egyptian actors looking for something in the sky.


Another Twitter user said: “Y’all I’m gettin a little concerned about this Chinese rocket #ChineseRocket

“Idk the idea that part of a Chinese rocket could fall on me at any second this weekend makes me feel kind of free, liberated,” another wrote.


China launched the Long March 5B rocket in late April to carry the “first module of China’s future space station into orbit,” the BBC reported.

The rocket weighs 22.5 tonnes.

Several experts criticized China for the incident.

Recently, astronomer Jonathan McDowell called China’s negligence “unacceptable” and said, “Since 1990 nothing over 10 tons has been deliberately left in orbit to reenter uncontrolled.”

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